Boudoir Spring Special with Heather

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Boudoir Spring Special 2015

You know you want it


adjective [glam-er-uhs]

  1.  full of glamour; charmingly or fascinatingly attractive, esp. in a mysterious or magical way
  2.  full of excitement, adventure, and unusual activity
  3. having an air of allure, romance and excitement

synonyms: captivating, beguiling, fascinating, alluring, bewitching

Don’t miss out of this fantastic weekday quickie mini promotion.
Book by April 1.

Now you too can be glamorous, I make it super easy.

Boudoir Photo Package

Get updated photos of your sexy self to tantalize yourself and your fans with.

  • This Springtime Introductory Promotion includes:
  • Always Free initial consultation
    1 hour-long ‘sitting fee’
    Modeling tips
    Videos on getting better photo results
    Preparation tips
    6- 5×7 prints
    1- 8×10 print matted and ready to frame
  • Private in person preview and sales session to review all the images,  and pick the ones that come with the package and choose from my other products.

This introductory package usually goes for over $1000. but is slashed to just $500 /3= just $166 each! So get a couple of girlfriends together and get your sensual on!

Additional friends just $150. each who each get 3 5×7 photo prints with online use for that.
So the more the merrier.
Perfect for brides to be or for a birthday or graduation present.

Special also includes discounted prices on my most popular products like canvases and metal prints you can order during the preview.

To sign up or for more info up just go here and fill out this interest form.

  • Hair makeup and styling are a separate charge of $80. per person. For on site makeup arrive 1 hour early.
  • Sessions happen daily between 2 and 6 PM, by appointment only.
  • After registration Heather will contact you.
  • 1/2 non refundable deposit required to reserve spot.
  • Arriving from a distance? Room available for overnight stay by arrangement.
  • Limited number available of these packages available so get them while they are hot.
  • To order click here:

about Heather: Women want to feel beautiful on the inside and once they do they are ready to let that light shine on out. I craft photos of such women for themselves and their loved ones that show this in a glamorous way. These are photos men love but women love more!I prefer real women who can are confident but maybe shy.I want to capture your beauty right now and preserve it forever. This is an adventure you will love.

Confidentiality Assured:

Women today do not have a lot of time and they want to pick their vendors carefully.
Your confidentiality is assured The models you see on my site are just that so you can see my work and you don’t have to take any risks of being seen unless you want to. Of course you can be a model by just saying I can show your photos.
I will take tasteful and beautiful photos, edit them and show them to you in person, make prints and send you emails so you can reveal them to those who love you.

I recommend every woman get updated photos once a year.
Why? We change and so does our style.
And at a price like this you can start now!

Simply click below and get your first time shots.

I will call you for the consultation. The initial consultation is always free.

  • Notes:
    Arrive hair and makeup ready. That includes a french manicure and pedicure
    You should invest in good lingerie and silk stockings with a garter (elastic cuts into your thighs)
  • over 3.5” high heels (nude color)
  • Allow 2.5 hours just in case we go over

The Preview Session: 2-3 weeks from the session we will schedule a private in person preview session. During that time you pick the prints that come with the package and others from a special spice sheet you will receive. I will sometimes in international cases do a skype order session.
Most women get a little pink book (24 prints) and a canvas, or wall triptych (3 in a row) prints on canvas or metal.

All costs included in package except tax and shipping.

Contact form for questions or want to be added to my specials email

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