Elemental Alchemy, March 8 2014, Counter Culture Gallery

As worn by Kara Nova at Hot Couture. Photo by Will Bucquoy

As worn by Kara Nova at Hot Couture. Photo by Will Bucquoy

Elemental Alchemy Logo FB2

Presented by  Counter Culture Art Haus Gallery, ACE, the Satellite Art Station, Bohemian Beauty. Special thanks to our sponsors:

Logos Elemental Alchemy double up

The most stunning visual display of fire & fashion art in the Northbay, Spring 2014Get your ticket in advance at: http://elementalalchemy.eventbrite.com


Stoke the Fire element of love in every area of life

Join us for the debut of ‘Elemental Alchemy’ art in two parts: An art opening to start  and an evening of entertainment including a  lantern procession,  fashion show, benefit auction and musical concert, March 8, 2014 at Counter Culture Art Haus Gallery.

6:00 PM Free Photography print show and sale with three photographers

7:15 Procession from Whole Foods- Dress in a Kimono and bring a non fire lanterns and walk over to the gallery with us!

7:30PM The evening of entertainment begins at Counter Culter after the procession.

8: Fashion Show

Get seated quickly for the fashion show. You will be sitting on the floor and a snuggle in approach is encouraged. Say hi to your neighbor and skooch! Space is limited. Back jacks, pillows and first few rows seating are for the 15 VIP ticket holders. Please get your tickets ahead of time so this flows seamlessly.

8:30 Amaya Rising

9:00 Laura Inserra

10:30  After Party with DJ’s Alex Theory and RickyDMingle with the models

Ticket $15. advance, $20 door

$30/$35. VIP  ticket- includes champaign and and afterparty ticket!

Benefit for Sunmaker Horse Rescue and the Crucible.


Come chill out and dance and mingle with the models at the official EA After party with Alex Theory and RickyD!

More show details:

Print Sale: Three different visions of the same event taken at the Crucible. These prints will be ready to take home and will add a beautifully decorative element to warm up any room. Print Prices Start at $40.

  • Heather Wakefield Photography
  • Stanley Mouse Nouveau Paintings
  • David Korman Photography

The Photos on display in the gallery will share both show shots and private shoots of Heather’s 2014 line of corsets and fire dance wear for The Crucible’s Hot Couture event in which Heather participated for the second year. In the photos and live tonight you will see:

New and favorite Fashion Designs by Heather Wakefield, including the famous ‘sequin dress’ owned by Eva D’Luscious. Designs will be on display in the gallery and on the models. Many are available for sale.

Heather Wakefield’s Avant-Garde Fashion Designs

I imagine a world where we can be ourselves where we can be authentic whether that be glamorous, or real, elegant, innocent, playful, moody, or adventuresome but mostly to be happy and to have that be natural. In my designs I desire to have this be the inspiration. These designs are an expression of my dreams and desires. They come from a deeper place in my psyche. I love underwear from all time periods and find it fascinating. Each piece is unique and is made from my imagination is an exploration of various aspects of the undergarment. These designs are worn for stage, special occasions, art events, and public appearances. They are incredible art pieces that will be a treasure you enjoy forever.

  • Bows by Jacqueline McMillan- Our beautiful Model Jacquelyn makes the most wonderful bows.
  • Fire Embellishments by John Van Strien and John Williams
  • M.C. Eva D’Luscious Sonoma Counties sparkliest export
  • Auctioneer Will Longfellow

The Art Opening is free and open to the public for 6 to 7:30. The Photography show runs from March 1-16.

The entertainment ticket includes:

  • art auction
  • inside runway will be a fashion show featuring Heather’s 2014 authenticity art wear line; ‘Breaking expectations with paper dresses”. Heather makes sensual one of a kind couture designs for stage, Burlesque and fire dance. Always sure to make a statement her corsets, dresses and accessories convey a narrative with sizzle.
  • Concert featuring
  • Laura Inserra; a vibrant multi-instrumentalist,
  • Amaya Rising; Gypsy Flamenco Guitarist

Laura’s music preview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yoxh0qjLUvU

To see what Amaya is all about: http://www.amayarising.com/theartist/
This will be a spicy evening come tantalize your palette with wine, cheese and chocolate from Whole Foods, anti aging spice drinks from s=Spice Pharm, and wine from Balletto Vineyards.

Counter Culture Art Haus Gallery
6780 Depot Street, suite 100, Sebastopol, CA.
% of proceeds go toward Sunmaker Horse Rescue and the Crucible.
Tickets also available at Counterculture Art Haus Gallery

Bohemian Cover Photo by Will Bucquoy, Design by Heather Wakefield, ‘Sign of the times corset and bustle’  by Heather Wakefield, all items are for sale at the show.

This is a shoe free show. Please bring small pillows or back jacks to sit on if you like, space is limited, snuggle in. Thank you.

Heather Wakefield is booking photo sessions for the spring 2014, discover her portrait work at heatherwakefield.com. The evening she will be offering an exclusive discount on portrait session sitting fees and a discount on some of her portrait products .

Photographic display; The Photographs on display will be priced to move during the print sale from 6 until 7:30. They will be beautiful in your home and will be of a variety of shapes and sizes and materials starting at $40. These fine art prints may be perfect to add some spice to a room that needs a little fire! We take cash, credit card and PayPal. Payment arrangements can be made.

We will be each auctioning off one print from each photographer after the start of the event, so get ready to bid! Proceeds from the auction go to Sun Maker horse rescue,  the Crucible and ACE

Abstract1: 2014 –
The Year of the Yang Wood Horse- the cycle of the sacred Five Elements, or Phases, have set us up for this shift into the year of stength. In that cycle, Wood feeds Fire, Fire’s ash creates Earth, Earth’s compression reveals gems of Metal, and Metal collects and holds Water, which nourishes the Wood to start the cycle all over again.The natural laws of these five elements are actually working in multiple ways throughout Nature, our bodies, our psychologies and the energetic movements of all things here on this planet. We now emerge into the generative cycles–powerful, bursting buds of Wood’s new growth fueling the joyful outreach and passions of Fire and the beginnings of Earth’s fruitful harvests.

So, that’s the Wood part of what’s coming. Now to turn our gaze to the animal symbol of Horse. This sprouting upward rush of Wood energy will find its perfect release into the impulsive and passionate nature of the Yang Horse, whose native element is Fire. The Horse energy inspires powerful INTUITION and an indomitable surge towards freedom in every aspect of life. This is a year to follow your inner voice like never before, for it will have a universal cosmic ch’i within it. Higher guidance is with us every step of the way. Reach for the sky, call up your vision, fuel your plans with vision boards and creativity, find a fresh path and pace yourself well. This yang Horse year has the potential to channel the powerful new upthrust of Wood’s Ch’i through the Horse’s Heart energy of Fire and into every project we start, every desire we reach for. It will keep our eager plans from being dominated by too much “head” and not enough “heart.”

The participants:

Laura Inserra– is a vibrant composer, multi-instrumentalist, and artistic director. She is a classically trained musician with a strong background in improvisation music. Her style is a fusion of different musical genres from classical to electronic, from minimalist to world music. She composes and performs soundtracks and sound design for dance, theater, art installations, and movies.  A native of Sicily, her work in Italy is well-known, including integral participation in the composition of numerous movie scores and the artistic direction of innovative live productions. L-Inserra-470

I so look forward to you all meeting her music. She will lead us on a journey that is timeless.

Amaya rising: Is just releasing his first video called “the story of love” this dynamic and talented performer is going to escort us thorough the evening’s festivities with his unique global blend of sounds.


Heather Wakefield is a visionary small business owner,  portrait photographer,  graphic and fashion designer and general creative chick who lives in Sebastopol, CA. (Please see the blogs below for last years pics from the crucible’s Hot Couture).

Heather is currently booking for Spring 2014 photo shoots.  All her fashion designs seen during the show will for sale at the show and in the gallery until March 16. Outfit purchase comes with a complimentary fitting.  Check out her website at heatherwakefield.com. request a catalog at Heather@heatherwakefield.com


Will Bucquoy:

Will Bucquoy


David Korman:

Through his photos, David Korman captures the ecstasy, spontaneity, and spirit of performers, artists, and events. His portraits of individuals often are definitive. David’s interest in performance and events has included a brief period as a concert promoter in Sonoma County and work as an assistant tour manager for the electro-pop duo Midi Matilda. A veteran of numerous corporate and charitable gatherings, David has also serviced high-end events with special photo set-ups provided by Snap Yourself! Photo Booths, a new approach to the classic photo booth idea. “I’ve been a theater usher, waiter and bartender, too,” says David, “and I know when social chemistry is working.” A native of Soho in downtown Manhattan, David graduated from the Park School of Communication at Ithaca College in New York, where he studied photography and began working as a photojournalist. Soon after, David became intrigued by the alternative music scene in Sonoma County, and he has recently relocated to San Francisco’s East Bay.

David Korman logo


Models and live show shots from Hot Couture 2014: The event received a wide array of press again this year as it did last year and here are some of my favorite photos from the press photographers at the show of my work. There were many art wear designers who participated and you can check out what they did on the crucible website and also on their facebook page.

1488196_10151930348898041_1927730977_n untitled_531 1538738_10152108702830067_1618135635_n 1555402_613731212033082_1534661985_n

Participating Models in Hot Couture:

Donica Tomko
Kara Nova (on cover of the Bohemian)
Kara Nova
Jaclyn McMillan
Forest Schrodt

Additional models for procession and fashion show at Elemental Alchemy:

We are honored to have the amazing Anandha Ray as our mistress of the procession and the Fashion show.

Prince ArThor

Tatiana Makhilova

Yerevan Dewa Saraswati

Jackie McMillian

Jamie Batt

Ciel Lorenzen

Luna Moon

and many more!

Makeup by Erin Gabriel and Stephanie Evans

the outstanding Anandha Ray is the cat walk coordinator and procession choreographer: http://www.movingartsdance.org/


“The only risk in life is not taking one.”- Anandha Ray

Moving Arts Dance performs works of dance art that speak to the emotional realities of our time through a fusion of ballet and modern dance styles. Under the direction of Anandha Ray, this company has been internationally heralded for their ability to express the common experiences of humans. As “cultural ambassadors” for the American Embassy, the company has performed command concerts for foreign dignitaries in addition to two national tours of Belarus titled “Dance Without Borders”. The mission of these tours, as is our mission on other international tours and at home in America, is to bridge the gap between fractions, allowing people to be seen as “one-people” who experience similar feelings and have similar issues, rather than being labeled by other standards that serve to divide us.

Dj Alex Theory is going to pull out the most amazing transformational chill dance set you have heard recently.1003138_10151701466252182_86507732_n

Music Producer • Executive Film Producer • Event Producer

Alex Theory is a renowned DJ, Music Producer, Executive Film Producer, and Event Producer. He has done shows with Thievery Corporation, Damien Marley, The Roots, Eryka Badhu, Elton John, India Arie, Ani DiFranco, STS9, Mickey Hart, Particle, DJ Logic, The Flaming Lips, String Cheese Incident, Stanley Jordan, Sheila Chandra, and many more. He is the founder of the Global Sound Conference and the Global OM project – a historic event that used the power of sound to unify participants across the world to a synchronized frequency. His work has received airplay in film, radio, and television commercials, and has appeared on releases by White Swan, Interchill, System Recordings, and Sounds True. Alex is currently a Governor on the board of the Recording Academy (Grammys®), and is helping shape the future of media and technology across the planet

And our local community dance teacher  and DJ RickyD will be rocking us into a gentle frenzy.

I have seen RickyD leading a full on  love revolution from the earlier days back in the Kimya house. Always an enthusiastic dancer, he was a founding member of NCDC, Rick has taught partner contact and is passionate about bringing joy to the body through his rhythmic tunes.1654153_585628488178512_1811333968_n

Get inspired at  the Crucible: http://thecrucible.org/ to check out their events and educational programs.

Breaking Expectations with Paper Dresses:

IMG_0872Makeup sketch

IMG_0856Putting it all together with Jaclyn

IMG_0850Palm Torch Practice before Hot Couture


My Cat, Cosmic Dust approving of the project


Initial sketch of the ‘find me’ dressIMG_0446Fire rehearsal practice before Hot Couture- after dark.

Updates as they come in …keep checking back.

<div style=”width:100%; text-align:left;” ><div style=”font-family:Helvetica, Arial; font-size:10px; padding:5px 0 5px; margin:2px; width:100%; text-align:left;” ><a style=”color:#ddd; text-decoration:none;” target=”_blank” href=”http://www.eventbrite.com/r/etckt”>Event registration</a><span style=”color:#ddd;”> for </span><a style=”color:#ddd; text-decoration:none;” target=”_blank” href=”https://elementalalchemy.eventbrite.com/?ref=etckt”>Elemental Alchemy</a> <span style=”color:#ddd;”>powered by</span> <a style=”color:#ddd; text-decoration:none;” target=”_blank” href=”http://www.eventbrite.com?ref=etckt”>Eventbrite</a></div></div&gt;


Video clips from the Hot Couture show at the Crucible:

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