Hot Couture

Hot Couture!
Ritual Theater Fire Dance Fashions by Heather Wakefield

I presented four fashion looks at the Hot Couture fashion show at the crucible in Oakland Jan 10 and 11, 2012.
Hot Couture: A Fusion of Fashion & Fire:

January 11 & 12, 2013
 Doors at 7pm
 Show at 8pm
Heathers work:
These four pieces represent the four directions on earth.
North, East, South and West
This directional inspiration came from doing rituals to honor the directions.
Each direction has a personal meaning to me that meaning inspired the designs.

I am available for custom design work for stage and event wear.
Please see below for information

  1. North

Forging ahead on a narrow path
Tending the garden and other mundane tasks that make life enjoyable.

Corn Maiden Outfit:

Couture Technique
Native American dance
“prayer dancing” in which a prayer is enacted and embodied in a dance.
Fire Ritual Theater

Materials and Techniques:
White, fine soft suede
Original made for Jaya Lakshmi in the band ‘Lost at Last’
Black light reactive
Hand cut fringe
Scissor cut, machine and hand sewn

2. South
Meaning: Ease, simplicity, the good life

Fertility Suit

Couture Technique
Tribal Belly dance
Feminine Form expression of sexuality
Fertility rites and rituals
Early burning man fashion style

Materials and Techniques:
Dyed Rabbit fur
Foundation bra with fabric
Hand and Machine sewn

3. East

Meaning: Tradition, where we come from as a point of departure

Modern Chastity Belt:

Victorian culture takes a turn

“Don’t take any risks:
Send your partner safely to burning man without you”
“lace” chicken wire corset and panties and lock.

Yes you can wear it- it is even comfy.
Better than the old horse hair suits they used to punish with.
Couture Technique

Wry commentary on Victorian sexuality
Recycled Fashion
Burning man’s sculptural orientation
The body as art display

Materials and Techniques:

Cut chicken wire
Copper fine wire
Woven cut bicycle tire
Sewn lace, ribbon, bridal tool

4. West
Meaning: Expansion, enlightenment, striving, creativity

Peace Priestess:
Art Nouveau
Japanese Kimono
Ziyi Zhang‘s photo in Vogue right after crouching tiger hidden dragon
Couture Technique
Taking peaceful action
Reverence for life

Materials and Techniques:

White sheet cut, torn, hand stitched and stapled
Knotted torn skirt
Open mesh fabric

Made for Burning Otters in the fire conclave, Burningman

Peace is not something passive, as many people think.
It is an active principle and in ritual dance- the dance is a prayer

Art Nouveau was an international dialogue between Europe and Japan to start.
If you look you will see these influences in each region where it grew.

Heather Wakefield: Fashion Biography

I have been sewing things since I was a child. I forget I do it in fact, because well…. its second nature. I collect all kinds of fun little bits and fragments in it. once I go out in the studio there I can loose track of time – a day or a week. It’s is a timeless magic project place to dream about a better world with a lot going on. It is may sanctuary.  It is an my personal studio and educational center with classes. You can check out my other talents there too.
I studied Fiber Arts at CCA and so have a sculptural orientation to my work. I spent a couple of years studying with Carol Beadle. I took all my tailoring, surface design, applique, sewing and flat patterning classes at U-mass when I was at Hampshire College. I like to win awards and just find the whole fashion runway thing fun. It is a lot of work, but worth it! I retain this whimsical attitude in my work because it keeps it lively.
I have design for performers, and for special events such as the opera audience. Oddly I have never worked for a costume department. But I often shop at their sales and pull apart the garments and check them out.
I have studied modern dance and dance often. Ritual fire dance and performance art theater is a passion for me and these four outfits I made for myself. I often make things for others so I do not have them in my possession. They are one of a kind.

I like old patterns and vintage clothes- stuff that is hand sewed or made well. Experiments, patches, torn edges, and interesting things. Mostly natural fibers, but sometimes experimental. I like textures, feel drape and the way pieces fit together, unusual materials and poetic, romantic moments. My work is largely narrative and describes my own experiences.
I hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I like making them.

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I love art
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